Cisco wants you to see his cool cat enclosure. Not as cool as outsmarting me and escaping to the wild outdoors but pretty cool anyway. He and his roomies are the first cats on the block to have one. All of the kitties enjoy it but the kittens volunteered to show you around.

Pancho enjoys the enclosure a lot. With his long hair, he gets hot inside sometimes so this way he can cool off, peruse the neighborhood, and be close to the food dish too, always a plus for Panchy.

Both kittens in this shot. Cisco is showing you what it's like aloft in the crow's nest. I'm going to build them cat steps soon and clean up the paint job but I ran out of summer for painting, as you can see.

Pancho behind wire.

This is good, Cisco thinks, but on top of the enclosure is better, unless the birds dive-bomb him. Neighbors who love birds have thanked me for building the enclosure too as it protects the birds from the cats as well as protecting the cats from the coyotes, coons, and pumas.

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