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Can't wait to see the finished boats...
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Our trip from
Port Angeles WA.
to Victoria B.C.
October 2000

In 1996, Sheryl and I took a 3hr. kayak tour while we were vacationing in the Florida Key's. It was her first time in a kayak, she loved it, and agreed that we need to add another toy to our collection.
We looked at glass, plastic and wood boats and I kept coming back to the idea of building our own wood and glass kayak. I researched different kits and plans available and settled on a kit by Chesapeake Light Craft in Maryland. While I found many different designs, I liked the look and design of the CLC boats the best.

I had a Tred Avon (double) kit delivered just in time for Christmas and thought others might be interested in the building process. In the fall of 98 I began construction of 3 CLC design singles (build from plans, not kits), two Chesapeake LT 17's and a Chesapeake 16. The 16 is for Sheryl, one 17 LT for me, and one for our good friend Laura. We launched Laura's in late July 1999. Pictures of her boat are located here.

The instructions I have on this site are for the most part taken from the manual that comes with a CLC kit or plans. However, I did find ways to do things that deviate from the standard, plus a few "custom" changes of my own.

Most of the pictures here are from the Tred Avon project, but are completely pertinent to the building of singles.


The first order of business was to clear a spot in the garage and build some supports to hold the boat during assembly. This gave me a change to get re-acquainted with my hand tools, especially my block plane, notice the large pile of shavings! I built three supports because of the length. Shorter kayaks can be built with 2 supports.

I built a 21 foot (18' for singles) 1x12 table for set-up and gluing of the long side and bottom panels. Finished panels are stored on the lower 2x4 braces of the supports.

Now that the work surface is complete, we are ready to start gluing the side and bottom panels together.

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