This is a simple site to give interested people a look at what the Scow Bay Press print shop looks like. This site is under construction and new photos and links will be added as time permits.


At present shop capabilities include printing, die cutting, and hot embossing.

Scow bay press has four main presses: two 10x15 C&P Craftsman presses (one with Rice feeder), a Miehle V36 Vertical, and a 8x12 C&P Old Series press. The hot embossing is done on the 10x15 Craftsman with Rice feeder and this capability is a recent addition to the shop.

The shop also has a limited capability to hot stamp/foil. This is done on a Kwikprint Builder 55 and at present hot stamping dies are limited in size to 3 1/2" x 5" maximum.

Cutting is done on a mdl 1906 26" C&P hand lever cutter.

At present Scow Bay Press has 8 cabinets of handset type and well over a dozen fonts of "Eloise" the 1922 model C3 Intertype linecaster.

Click on the links below to see some views of the shop.

For a view of the NW corner of the shop

For a view of the NE corner of the shop

A look over the imposing stone at the Miehle

A view of the C&P 8x12 and the 10x15 C&P Craftsman w/ Rice feeder

Eloise the C3 Intertype


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