Laser Kombat: A Challenging Puzzle Game

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Welcome to the official homepage of Laser Kombat.

Laser Kombat now has One Hundred Levels! Also, Admir Bukva has provided a New set of validated levels which contains these one hundred levels plus 250 more! Thanks to Admir for his effort in validating all those levels!

A partial screenshot
A partial screenshot from Laser Kombat level 82.

The Game

Laser Kombat is a challenging puzzle game for Windows. Driving a tank through each level, your objective is to destroy all enemy tanks. You accomplish this mission by firing your laser and manipulating the wide variety of objects in your environment. You can vaporize enemies with nuclear bombs, make bridges over water, and fire your laser through beam-splitters and at mirrors. Laser Kombat comes with a level-editor to make your own levels. Send in your best ones and they may be incorporated into the next release of the game!


Laser Kombat requires Windows 95 or later. You also need DirectX, which you most likely already have. If not, get the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft at


The setup program for Laser Kombat, laser_kombat_setup.exe, is only 1.53 MB, so downloading is quick and painless. Once downloaded, simply double-click the file to automatically extract the setup files and invoke the InstallShield® installation wizard.

The Latest Release

This newest release of Laser Kombat contains 86 additional levels, for a total of 100 levels. I need your help to make more levels for future releases. Please try out the included level-editor and mail me your best levels. Also, please check out Jim Kindley's fun puzzle game Laser Tank, another fun puzzle game with hundreds of challenging levels. Send Laser Kombat levels, bug reports, questions, comments, and suggestions to David Dewey. My email address is My first initial + my last name AT cs DOT our first president DOT edu.

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